11 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas for Dog Lovers and Their Pups

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Man admits dating app success is all down to his dog… and tbh we’d swipe right too

After frog kisses, this woman made it a point to quit trying to find her prince charming, and instead decided to marry her 6-year-old golden retriever, Logan. Hey, I get it, dating sites are annoying. BUT is it really that bad that you have to get yourself a canine spouse? Well, according to year-old Elizabeth Hoad, it definitely is.

her dog Logan appeared on ‘This Morning’ for their “marriage” which was “I’​ve had dates in eight years from six dating sites and it’s.

Well, unfortunately for one woman, all dating has done for her is provide unhappy moment after unhappy moment. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and ‘marry’ the one male in her life that will never leave her: her dog. Meanwhile on daytime TV Elizabeth Hoad decided to she was over getting hurt by men and after dates and four failed engagements, it was best if she just tied the knot with her golden retriever.

He’s saved me and I’ve saved him. I was broken before I got him. I got a dog behaviourist when I first got him and she said he’d saved me,” Elizabeth told British breakfast show This Morning. I dont know, I’ll tell you what I think When asked how the whole plan to get hitched came about, Ms Hoad said: “It’s not just me. I have about 10 other friends, we go on lots of treks with all our dogs and one of my friends said ‘why dont you just marry him’.

The ceremony took place during today’s episode of This Morning and viewers genuinely couldn’t believe what they were seeing. While Elizabeth struggled to hold back tears of joy, it didn’t seem to go down as romantically with other people. One viewer wrote on social media: “What is happening with this programme?

Doggy dating site brings pet lovers together

We are proud of our respected position in the dog community and have featured extensively in the media. Here are a few of our media clippings. The Sunday Telegraph – 9th August The Times – 25th July Ezvid Wiki – May

Maria’s been close to giving up on dating, it seems like each one is more bizarre than the next.

Dom, 28, from Watford, who split up with his girlfriend in , asks one pretty important question: “Is it me or my dog that she’s attracted to? Dom says that it’s Oscar that gets him dates Then, as soon as I uploaded pictures of me and Oscar to my profile when I first got him, the female attention went crazy. Would you swipe right? So, if you meet Dom on Hinge, can you expect Oscar to turn up too? BRB, adding Fido to every single one of our profiles.

I quit the corporate world and became a doggy matchmaker

Top definition. Guy with NO backbone. Man, I hate puppy dogs

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Love Island star Laura Whitmore has revealed how she and comedian Iain Stirling first started talking, admitting he slipped into her DMs to ask about her dog for another girl. Get the best celeb exclusives and video house tours to your inbox every evening with our daily newsletter. Laura Whitmore has opened up about how she and Iain Stirling first started talking frequently as he slid into her DMs to ask about her dog, Mick. Speaking on Darren Kennedy’s podcast The Secret Life of Celebrity Pets, Laura confessed she initially thought the 32 year old was using her to hit on another girl.

Explaining how she first got her little furry friend, the TV presenter, who recently spoke out about the recent cancellation of the hit ITV dating show Love Island , said it was a gift to herself on her 30th birthday five years ago. Praising the white Maltipoo, Darren, 39, said: “It could be said that Mick is responsible for your relationship.

Taken aback, Laura, who could be seen wearing a pair of ripped jeans alongside a blue long-sleeved t-shirt with a white heart on it, replied: “Really? I think I just replied ‘Maltipoo’ and that was it. And it turns out that was his way of trying to start a conversation with me but I thought that was him trying to use me to hit on another girl. Speaking to the Love Island voiceover star, who recently threw an incredible Star Wars themed birthday party for her , online wasn’t the first time she had encountered Iain though.

But I didn’t know him that well, he didn’t have my number. He just slid into my DMs and asked me.

Puppy Love: Can Doggy Dating lead to romance?

Search Search. Menu Sections. E lizabeth Hoad took part in a lighthearted — and not legally binding — marriage ceremony officiated by presenter Alison Hammond, in which Ms Hoad recited canine-themed vows to Logan. The bride walked down the aisle to the song Puppy Love and exchanged a ring and a bracelet with her dog. Meanwhile on daytime TV The moment we officially pronounced Elizabeth and Logan as Dog and Wife!

Elizabeth Hoad ‘wed’ her dog Logan in a ceremony broadcast on the she had decided to marry her dog after giving up on dating websites.

ITV show This Morning is known for its quirky antics – but today’s show proved a little much for some viewers. Fans of the show were left in disbelief when a woman “married” her dog live on the show, in a bizarre ceremony where she said they were “meant to meet”. The MEN reports Elizabeth Hoad had already spoken about how she hoped one day to marry her pet, but actually seeing the “ceremony” take place was too much for some.

Alison could barely keep a straight face as she read out a dog pun-packed speech, while a serious Elizabeth kept straight-faced wearing a white gown. Elizabeth declared: “With my body I promise to take you for daily walkies and all that I have in my doggy treat cupboard I give to you, and all those cuddles on the sofa I share with you. Elizabeth had earlier told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford she decided to marry her dog as she had given up on men following four engagements and dates.

He’s saved me and I’ve saved him. I was broken before I got him. I got a dog behaviourist when I first got him and she said he’d saved me,” she said. She tried a dating website – but after only attracting attention from younger men and a married man, Elizabeth decided to take the plunge with Logan.

6 best dog activity trackers

It can even be harder to make date night plans if you and your partner are dog parents who hate leaving your pup behind. Fortunately, though, you can make a date a true family outing by bringing your fur family members along. Thanks to these dog-friendly date ideas, all of you will be able to em bark on a new adventure together. Their unique date ideas will have you exploring new areas of your city, enjoying the great outdoors and more, all with your partner and pup or pups! Based in Los Angeles, they share their outdoor adventures with 6-year-old Juniper, who Guadarrama has had since the rescue pup was just 3 months old.

I could tell immediately that he was a keeper!

Ross let This Morning play cupid when they set him up on dates with three fellow dog owners.

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