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Amesys a subsidiary of Bull is accused in an ongoing criminal case of complicity with human rights abuses by the Gaddafi government in Libya by providing it surveillance equipment. The complaint asserts that in Amesys contracted with the Libyan Government to provide communication surveillance equipment which the government used to intercept private internet communications. The complaint further alleges that Amesys assisted in developing and monitoring a surveillance network that the authorities used to identify opponents of Gaddafi, whom the government then detained and tortured. Amesys confirms that it entered into an agreement with Libyan authorities in but claims that the equipment provided does not enable the monitoring of telephone lines. It contends that it entered into the agreement in a diplomatic context of rapprochement with Libya, which had stated that it wanted to fight terrorism. The company states that its activities comply with international, European and French law. On 21 May , the Paris prosecutor opened an investigation against the company. In January a French appeals court ruled that a judicial inquiry into the allegations of Amesys’ complicity in acts of torture may proceed. On 30 May , Amesys was declared an “assisted witness”.

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Plus – all the latest airline news, destination details and cruise news in your weekly travel news round-up. Plus make sure you wait until the seat belt signs are switched off before trying to leg it off the plane. Those are the top three cabin crew pet hates, as revealed in a report by travel search site Skyscanner. While those gripes may be expected, the survey of crew produced a surprising result when they were asked who is the perfect passenger.

Low cost UK airline Jet2. If I were a betting man, I might be looking at the odds of February 29 being chosen, since is not a leap year.

Tuesday 10 December Mardi 10 décembre We have spent significant resources to date on consultations and the necessary Cities such as Paris combine LRT networks with subway networks and other types of transit routes. On Hurontario in particular, we’ve seen the average speed—and this is on our.

These flow depend on a LAM-family protein Ltc1 that transfers sterols across membranes. Cassandre passed her private PhD defense! Congratulations Come and listen to her public presentation on March 8th, 5pm. Check it out! Check it out here. And thanks to HFSP for the support! Gaowen will explore the evolutionary diversity of mate pairing. Congrats to Peter van Gisbergen, who just received an EMBO long-term fellowship to study the interplay between signaling and the cytoskeleton at the fusion site!!!

Our paper on the signal for fusion is out in Genes and Development! We show that the commitment of fission yeast cells to undergoing fusion relies on pheromone signaling and does not necessitate cell-cell fusion. Rather it depends on concentration of the signaling machinery at the fusion focus. We showed that the dynamic exploratory CdcGTP zones present in early mating cells contain pheromone secretion and perception machineries and that these zone lifetimes scale with pheromone concentration.

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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. He is attracted to an older woman and accompanies her to Paris, a London book-launch party and the Hay-on-Wye Festival of Literature.

TRADING VOLUME (on Euronext Paris) In December , Eiffage Construction signed to the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed rail Eiffage Construction’s largest projects to date, featuring new patient beds.

Erica Thompson’s talk was entitled ‘Escape from Model Land: some consequences of complexity in climate modelling. David Stainforth presented ‘The characteristics that frame climate change science. Watch the talk. Watch the lecture. Talk slides. Poster abstract. After the conference Ralph spoke at a Foundation for Science and Technology debate at the Royal Society, on the topic of ‘turning knowledge into value – adding value to the marine sector from research and innovation.

David Stainforth gave a talk entitled ‘Painting Pictures of the Future’. The lecture was entitled: ‘Predictability, Probability s and Physical Insight’. Climate change and intergenerational justice’, at Renmin University, Beijing. Climate change and intergenerational justice’, at China Agricultural University, Beijing. He delivered five lectures on different aspects of climate change.


As I sit here and write these words, the scent of butter is emanating from by being. This is not a metaphor, or a poetic musing. I just straight up smell like butter. With a French pastry chef.

European Parliament resolution of 10 December on EU Space a long history of extensive political and economic cooperation, formally dating back to Calls on the Commission and the Member States to speed up the work of having regard to the Paris Declaration of , the Accra Agenda for.

The Chair Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti : Good morning, everybody. The first item on the agenda is the consideration of the motion that was brought forward by Mr. Marchese at the last meeting. We were supposed to spend five minutes on that motion. Lorenzo Berardinetti : All three, or was it one motion? Lorenzo Berardinetti : Okay. Lorenzo Berardinetti : Yes, Mr. Rick Bartolucci: Just before we start, we have some substantial amendments.

Rosario Marchese: Sure. Can I get a hint of what your substantial amendments sound like or look like? Rick Bartolucci: Yes. They have to do with timing—. Rosario Marchese: And could we get a copy of your substantial amendments, so that I could review them in the meantime?

Speed Dating can be a lot of fun, especially if each encounter is from a different European country

The study aims to understand the intimate processes which are expressed through the accretion coming from the hotspot. In fact, the presence of a thermal and chemical anomaly in the vicinity of a ridge will disturb the accretion processes in terms of instability of the axial zone axis offsets , the magma production and the chemistry of the lava there matter enriched with incompatible elements which come from the hotspot. The nature of these modifications will delimit both the scope of interaction between liquids from the hotspot and those from accretion and how they mix and will provide information about the periodicity of the variations.

The zone is characterized by two successive axis offsets of about km in the direction of the hotspot, and a step in the flank topography which is probably where the interaction begins. The current axis is about m higher than the average ridge height in the North Pacific and the axial crest shows a swollen aspect indicating high production of magma.

the ADP and a key foundation in adopting the Paris Agreement in December FCCC/ADP//2. Session. Place date. Outcome/Decisions. ADP 1. Bonn gaps still exist in terms of both the scale and the speed” of the progress that.

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Cell therapies can be classified into three main categories of products: advanced therapy medicinal products ATMPs , ATMPs prepared on a non-routine basis hospital exemptions , and minimally manipulated cells. Despite the benefits that cell therapies can bring to patients, they are subject to complex pathways to reach the market in France. The objective of this study was to identify and describe routes to market access for cell therapies in France and how these vary by regulatory status.

The research was structured following five main steps: 1 identification of the French regulatory framework for cell therapies; 2 identification of the health products categorised as cell therapies in France; 3 mapping of the market access pathways per category of cell therapy; 4 validation of findings by interviewing experts; and 5 development of a roadmap summarising market access pathways for cell therapies in France. The secondary research methodology included a comprehensive literature review conducted on websites of French public health institutions, complemented by a research for peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, and grey literature.

PARIS GRAND HACK Date: th January Deadlines: Registration – 30 November Study Submission – 31 December February 26, ; Speed Dating for Startups: How One Company Found.

Arctik at a glance. Fast-forward 9 months and travel KM to the capital of France and Arctik had the opportunity to recreate the design of the Showroom experience — this time building upon past experience and accentuating the best of Arctik-design to create a unique public space, emulating an EU Ecolabel shop, where products and services were displayed to inform passers-by of the ecolabel and the benefits it provides consumers. Now, a Showroom experience? In mid-March? In Northern Europe?

We were certainly putting ourselves up for a challenge. As the snow continued to fall throughout the beginning of the month and as the temperatures failed to rise, it was certainly touch-and-go. Yet, the 12th March arrived, the Beast from the East retreated back to Siberia and the sun partly revealed its face, gracing EU Ecolabel with some timely blue skies.

The Arctik team went forward with full force to deliver an EU Ecolabel experience that would surpass expectations. Thanks to wider reporting and greater public interest we all, as consumers, are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact our consumption patterns have upon our health and the environment. This is coupled with a year-on-year increase in the number of environmental labels that indicate and make us aware of the impact products and services have upon the environment.

It may seem that having more environmental labels is a positive reaction to increased environmental concerns, however, with this there comes confusion from procurers and consumers about which environmental label to really trust. The label has been awarded to thousands of different products across Europe, including soaps and shampoos, baby clothes, paints and varnishes, electrical goods and furniture, as well as services, like hotels and campsites and it truly is an ecolabel that consumers can trust.

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